Forex trading white collar jobs

forex trading white collar jobs

gives people with mechanical and electrical aptitude and experience a distinct edge. So start trading your account like the casino owner runs his/her business by using price action and confluence, and begin stacking the odds in your favor. The author, Joe Lamacchia, who has run a successful landscaping company in Newton, Mass., for 28 years, cites Bureau of Labor Statistics projections showing that the number of skilled-trades job openings created between 20 will top 40 million - more than twice the number.

To help readers get started, Lamacchia describes more than a dozen in-demand trades, from auto technician to solar panel installer; and, even more valuable, the book includes a directory of schools and training programs in all 50 states and Canada, with complete contact information. If there are two things.

While you will of course have to learn how to trade and start following the economic events in the countries whose currencies you work with very closely, most people already know quite a lot about the macroeconomic news affecting at least their own country. Its simply the cost of doing business. Now that everything in a new car is controlled electronically, for instance, a master mechanic with extensive knowledge of those complex systems can earn upwards of 100,000 a year. Planet Irk, message Follow Following Unfollow. Meanwhile, my wife's brother, who did an apprenticeship instead of college, owns a successful business as an electrician and has been urging me to come to work for him. They want you to feel like youre no longer gambling. I remember when I first started trading, forex back in late 2007, a little more than 6 years ago. I'd be interested to hear what you and your readers think.

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If you want to add some trading into your approach to money alongside a professional job, then forex can be a flexible and interesting option. Forex pros love to tell you that trading isnt gambling? Lamacchia also runs a web site, m, where former cubicle dwellers who have switched to blue collar (and green collar) careers share their experiences. If you're currently working in a field that required technical training instead of college, what do you like (and dislike) about it? Whenever the subject of trading would come up at a social gathering, I was usually pretty quick to chime in; I was so proud to be a trader. Oh, and the next time someone asks if you like to gamble, just answer with, yes, but only if the odds are stacked in my favor. Because gambling is a bad thing, right? Lamacchia isn't anti-college, but one of his firm beliefs is that not every good job requires a four-year degree, and not every kid needs to get one.

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