What is trade marketing strategy

what is trade marketing strategy

youre pitching is actual news, not something insignificant or inherently self-serving. Dont just stop at the competition, either ask the organizers how many people are attending the conference, if its expected to sell out, what media are expected to attend, and any other questions your inquiring mind wants to know. No problem weve got you covered! Thank them for their coverage (or interview, if the coverage hasnt gone live yet) and let them know that youve promoted the content via social media and tagged them in your updates. Your marketing message should be short, clear and easy to grasp, so eliminate buzzwords and stress benefits of your product or service. Trust us, this is nothing you want to try to cram into a weekend, which is why pre-planning is an important part of this process. Analyze the results and determine if ROI was achieved.

Write down details on the backs of business cards if necessary, but remember who they are so you can remind them who you are after the event. Trade showswhile importantare just one channel in the overall marketing mix. We knew exactly what the creative should represent. These types of events are gimmes, in that you know there will be the promotion in place on the their end to draw the speakers and media outlets you want to see at these things. Booth Design Tips: Themed trade show exhibits are perfect for grabbing the attention of passersby and allow you to show off the personality behind your brand. A solid website, the conferences website is the first indication that you have as to whether or not attending will be worth your time and financial investment. Pick the Right Event, there are likely a large number of trade shows and events for your industry or niche. How it maximizes ROI: Youll get more for your effort and money if youre able to piggyback on a larger event or story. Although this isnt always true, it generally.

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