Forex smart board

forex smart board

pip or amount per point. Enter the data about each trade you take on the Trade Input tab, so you may then use that information for record keeping, analysis and tax reporting. Then populate those choices with your own names to totally customize them. Forex products are free from dangerous substances and fulfil the requirements of all RoHS / weee- directives and the EU chemical ordinance (reach). Reduces losses by identifying weak points in your strategy.

Forex Rigid PVC foam sheets

forex smart board

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Forexclassic, forexclassic is the premium sheet in the forex product range, with the best mechanical characteristics and highest surface qualities. Forex product range offers a wide choice of light, high-quality sheet materials for indoor and outdoor use in a wide-ranging portfolio. These characteristics make it the world's only lightweight foam board for external applications without any significant change in colour for a period of up to two years. Use as many brokerage accounts as you want in the Trade Log. Scroll through the "Parameters to track" and choose from the many options that pertain to your specific style of trading. Select only the statistics that you want to record. Stores screenshots and video of each unique trade. The Analysis tab allows you to create your own customized reports. The parameters that you have chosen to track will show up here on the Trade Input tab.